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Karan thapar tells the story of narendra modi's walkout from infamous interview (bbc hindi)

Does karan thapar regret infamous interview with pm modi? | the quint

Ar rahman, not modi, was karan thapar's most difficult interview

Barack obama interview with karan thapar | ht leadership summit | cnbc tv18

Nitin gadkari hails pm modi's leadership, talks tough on pak, trolls | the quint

Nitin gadkari answers pointed questions from karan thapar exclusively on the quint

Barack obama feels pm modi has a vision for india | ht leadership summit | cnbc tv18

Htls: barack obama on modi, dal and twitter

Is modi going to be india's hitler? : karan thapar to arun shourie

Karan thapar और narendra modi के बीच उस दिन कैमरे के पीछे क्या बात हुई devil's advocate, the untold

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: javed akhtar: india is too strong to be affected by modi

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: significance of pm modi's visit to washington?

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: hina khar discusses pakistan's perception of nawaz visit

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: can narendra modi revive economy?

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: is modi's international debut a success?

Headlines today with karan thapar : is the modi magic fading away?

Dr. shashi tharoor interview by karan thapar on his book 'an era of darkness'

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: assessing the modi govt. as 2015 begins

The story of the modi interview that ended abruptly

Shashi tharoor’s ‘interview’ of journalist karan thapar #tlf

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: was modi's visit to nepal really a success as it's being touted?

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: modi's innocent lapse or deliberate attempt to flout rules?

Arundhati roy on narendra modi, indian elections and the rise of fake news

What happened after modi took off his mic during karan thapar’s famous godhra interview?

Pm modi's first interview on new year 2019

India today conclave: session with karan thapar

Rahul gandhi speaks at karan thapar's book launch | the quint

Why is pm narendra modi 'the paradoxical prime minister'? | the interview with shashi tharoor

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: pm modi's address in srinagar

Ht leadership summit 2017 || barack obama on his relationship with pm modi

Modi is popular because of his governance, leadership qualities: ravi shankar prasad

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: will modi silence his critics

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: vhp questions modi's religion speech, archbishop happy

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: india inc. doubts modi govt's boldness?

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: can modi save bjp's fortunes?

Prime minister narendra modi's first interview of 2019

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: why does modi dress the way he does?

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: swot analysis of modi's cabinet, part i

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: modi's flying start in office : a boon or a bane?

The last word - the last word: narendra modi's fast and his image

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: modi's muslim pitch:you should come out of fear politics

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: what improvement will modi's visit to usa bring for both countries?

To the point - karan thapar - modi govt's approval to judicial appointments' panel poses several questions

Karan thapar remembers his most notorious interviews with modi, jayalalithaa and ram jethmalani

Rajdeep sardesai's candid interview on modi, cash for votes & other issues

To the point - karan thapar - to the point - karan thapar: why is narendra modi reluctant to apologise for 2002 riots?

The devils advocate, karan thapar on karan thapar | narendra modi

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: modi's consesus approach, how do the opposition view his words?

To the point - karan thapar - to the point: is modi finding it difficult to put together his cabinet?

Nothing but the truth: karan thapar interviews arun jaitley

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