Kira Yamato Lacus

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Lacus and kira moment

Kira x lacus: at the beginning

Kira knows the truth

Gundam seed destiny final plus/special edition - extended ending [english dubbed]

Kira x lacus forever amv!!!!!!

Lacus, kira and the others being attack

[1080p] ~ kira will get a new gundam ~ gundam seed destiny hd remaster

Orb vs. the earth forces and the return of kira

Lacus and kira♥~everyday~♥

Without kira

[eng] gsd mini cd drama: secret plan (lacus, andy, kira)

Strike freedom launch

[1080p] ~ parent's meeting ~ gundam seed hd remaster

~kira ღ lacus~

Asran & lacus

Lacus and kira sad moment

Kira + lacus | stardust to remember you by

Lacus go to plant

Gundam seed/seed destiny couples (athrun & cagalli, kira & lacus)

Lacus clyne vs kira yamato

Lacus and kira moment 2

Kira and lacus - according to you

Gundam seed destiny episode 39 "kira of the sky" remastered hd

Gsd: lacus and kira

Lacus and kira - at the beginning

Lacus clyne comforts kira yamato

Kira x lacus

Kira & lacus - it's gonna be love.

Kira shocked and resolve

Kira's reason

Lacus/kira - heaven

Kira yamato pilots the strike

Lacus clyne and kira yamato

Everytime we touch amv - kiraxlacus

Kira yamato & lacus clyne (bandai)

Kira yamato saves akagi and the day.

Kira yamato & lacus clyne

Kira and lacus

Gundam seed lacus & kira tribute -let her go

Gundam kira and lacus listen to your heart amv

Gundam??? - ssbu: hikaru & pac-man vs kira yamato & lacus clyne ssbu vs gundam seed destiny

Lacus clyne & kira yamato

Athrun zala hospital scene

Kira & lacus: love chronicle

Amv: lacus to kira

I knew i loved you - savage garden (gundam seed destiny- kira & lacus)

Gundam seed (destiny) athrun, lacus, cagalli and kira tribute

Kira and lacus(baby come back)

Kira and lacus...

Gsd: kira yamato vs. all

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